How can travel brands work with content creators?

Annabelle Arch from World Travel Market London spent the day at the Greenwich Peninsula with travel content creator Neel Wanders, known for his Flunking Monkey blog to discuss how best to work with travel brands and how to prepare for WTM London.

So Neel, how did you become a travel content creator?

After I finished university, I wanted to take a break and decided to go backpacking. During the time away I started writing a blog, which gained a lot of traction online. I did not even realise this was an industry or something you could make money from.

For people who would also like to pursue this career path as a content creator, what would you recommend they do?

I wouldn’t recommend this as a career path, I would say that if you have a passion that aligns with the industry then pursue it. If you’d like to be a photographer, don’t just aim to be famous on social media, just do the photography. If it happens to lead to that then let it.

Do you have any tips for people who are trying to work with travel companies or brands?

Try to meet as many people as possible, go to events and subscribe to mailing lists. Once you have your name out there, companies that you may not have initially thought about reaching out to have already come and contacted you.

Have you noticed any interesting or imaginative ideas that brands are doing?

Yes, unique hashtags are definitely something more companies are introducing. For example when I worked for California recently we did something in conjunction with the Royal Wedding so we had a Royal Wedding style hashtag and they were running cross promotion on the Content Creators accounts that were travelling.

What do you think inspires people to travel nowadays?

I think social media plays a key role in the way people decide to travel. I think that constantly having different destinations pop-up on your newsfeed put ideas into your head.

Do you have any tips for travel companies or brands that want to work with influencers?

It is important to understand the social account you are looking to work with. Research if their content will suit your brand and if what you want those to do will work for your campaign. It must suit both the content creator and the brand.

WTM London can seem daunting to influencers, do you have any tips for those who are attending this year?

Set yourself clear objectives, walk in with an idea of whom you need to speak to and what you want out of it. Speak to social media or press representatives; you will waste both yours and their time if you speak to anyone else. Oh, remember business cards!

How can people find out more about what you do?

So, they can either visit my blog channel which is or find me on social media @FlunkingMonkey.

Thank you to Visit Greenwich, Emirates Air Line Cable Cars and Up at The O2 for hosting us, don’t forget they’ll all be exhibiting this November at WTM London.

Registration for WTM London 2018 is now open! Register here:

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