How can hotels be more socially responsible?

We spent the day with the Good Hotel London team to find out about the social enterprise and how other hotels and hospitality businesses can be more socially responsible. Thanks to LV – General Manager, Alba – Learning & Development Manager, Pelly – Hotel Receptionist, and Ona – Sous Chef for talking to us!

What is Good Hotel and what do you do?

LV: Good Hotel London is a unique profit for non-profit social organisation. In other words, we are just like any other hotel out there, we need to make a profit and we do, but on the side, we spend a lot of time and effort investing in the people around us.

What two things can hotel owners do to be more socially responsible?

LV: Number one, invest in your people, make sure your staff, your suppliers, the people that surround you are fully involved in everything you do. Number two, challenge the status quo – review everything you do at the hotel, look into how you do things and see how you can improve it, and that should be happening each and every day and not once a month, once a year, once every two years.

How does Good Hotel make it inclusive for all employees?

Alba: So it’s the way that we recruit, we focus on motivation and their willingness to have a career in the hospitality industry.

How does Good Hotel support former trainees?

Alba: Together with Newham Workplace, we keep in contact with everyone that has participated within the Good Training programme to make sure that they have a sustainable job. Our aim is to help them get a job for a least a year within the hospitality industry.

What are the benefits to businesses by having moral values?

Alba: From the point of view of human resources, it’s clear in our company that it helps to increase commitment from our employees. Nowadays I think young people need to have a purpose. Our employees have a direct impact being a part of our Good Hotel training programme by supporting the trainees and it helps them feel fulfilled and happier within their roles.

How did the opportunity at Good Hotel come your way?

Pelly: I was looking for a job as a receptionist in Canary Wharf, however, I didn’t get the job because I didn’t have the experience. Then Good Hotel popped up and they were taking people on and training them, and I thought that’s me, reception, that’s what I wanted to do, so this opportunity came and I went for it and now I love it.

How has Good Hotel helped you in your career?

Pelly: It helps me to be more confident, meeting the public which I love, I like interacting, understanding and learning new cultures. It helps me with reception because I want to become a receptionist and this is a stepping stone for me to work my way up.

What does your training include at Good Hotel?

Ona: Self-awareness, confidence, and of course food!

How did you get a full-time role at Good Hotel?

Ona: I started off on the training programme which lasts for four weeks, then I got a three-month trial and Head Chef and Alba saw that I had the potential of going further so I got the role as a Sous Chef.

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