Everything you need to know about Tourism in Japan

Annabelle Arch from World Travel Market London spent the day visiting Richmond upon Thames in London with Mr Kabu Kiyotaka from Travel Journal Japan to ask about tourism in Japan and why it needs to go on everyone’s bucket list.

So Kabu what are some travel technology trends emerging in Japan?

There’s a bullet train called Shinkansen and it can travel up to 250km/hr.

How do you think the tourism industry’s changing in Japan?

In the past, the Japanese government has tried to encourage a number of outbound tourists from Japan but now the government is trying to increase inbound tourists and now inbound tourism is booming.

What should tourists be aware of when travelling to Japan?

One thing that you need to know is that not many people speak English.

So what kind of seasonal activities are there in Japan?

Like in England, there are four seasons in Japan and you can enjoy the activities in conjunction with the seasons. In summer you can enjoy swimming in the sea, in winter you can enjoy skiing, in spring you can enjoy the Cherry Blossoms and in autumn you can trek up mountains. There’s something tourists can enjoy every season.

Is there anything that Japan is doing to be more eco-friendly?

At the moment the Japanese government are using more LED to reduce the usage of electricity.

What advice would you have for people looking to run tours in Japan?

Firstly, find the new and unique things in Japan, like drinking Japanese Sake. Japanese Sake is wonderful, and I really recommend!

Where can people go to find out more about Travel Journal Japan?

Please visit www.tjnet.com or http://london.wtm.com/Travel-Journal-Japan.

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